How to become a member

An application form is to be completed, signed and dated by the applicant and is to be proposed by a member of the VWGA ,or in the case of a new club, by a member of that club.

The delegate will sign the application form and send it to the Committee with a joining fee currently $15 for Metropolitan  members and $10 for Country members together with $7 for the annual subscription. (See forms for details)


A club may join the VWGA by writing to the Secretary (see Contact Us page) requesting affiliation.  On receipt of such a request, a letter of acceptance and an information package will be sent to the club.


Who we are

The Veteran Women Golfers’ Association of NSW (VWGA) is an association founded for women golfers who have attained the age of 50 years to enable them to play golf with their peers.

To be a Member of the association you must belong to a golf club affiliated with the VWGA and have paid an application fee and a subscription.

Each club is represented by a delegate nominated by the VWGA members of their club.


Our History

The VWGA of NSW was formed in 1950 by Mrs Ella Blackhouse and Miss Kathleen Armstrong (both from Manly Club). Mrs Blackhouse became the first Association President (1950 – 1966).

Our Association was the first outside England to form a Veteran Women Golfers’ Association in New South Wales, thereby becoming the “parent” body in Australia.  Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania are affiliated with the VWGA of NSW.

The New South Wales Association became an incorporated Body at the Annual General Meeting in November 1995.

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We have tournaments at both Metropolitan and Country venues open to all members of the VWGA.

We have various perpetual trophies, donated over the years, at these tournaments (see Tournaments).


There are

  • Metropolitan Championships open to Metropolitan members only
  • Country Championships open to all Country members and are played for in May/June each year.Results should be submitted by the end of June.
  • Foursomes Championships are now open to both Metropolitan and Country members and are held on first Monday in November
  • The Mabel McKenzie Brooch is played for by the Country Clubs state-wide in April/May each year, and
  • the Challenge Brooch is for Metropolitan clubs, also played for in April/May each year and all results should be submitted to the office by end of June.